Maintenance & Support Contracts
Disaster Recovery
"I can't do it right now...the system is down".  Ah, those deadly words spoken in today's business.  It translates to "I'm throwing money out the window".

At North Coast, we understand your system is vital to your everyday success.  That's why we offer many online solutions to your occasional system problems.

First and foremost, you can call us to schedule a technician to come out and service your system woes onsite.  Or, you could bring your system in for service.  We usually can fix most major problems, or upgrade your system to bring it up to today's software demands.  Just give us a call and fast, friendly service is just around the corner. If it is after hours, feel free to fill out our customer service call form online, we will be back to you to solve your problem the next business day.

Is your problem something that you could cure? Check our system FAQ and checklist to see if something can be done immediately.  Our Drivers section has all the correct files you need for any of the systems or devices that we sell available to download online.

Regardless of your particular problem, were here to help, just give us a call.




maintenance & support contracts

  • annual fixed rate
  • time and materials

We specialize in maintaining your file servers, mail servers, application and web servers and provide server upgrades and routine maintenance with little to no downtime. We can also provide support when you are configuring servers for specialized services such as VPN, Web server, Mail server or RAS. We also perform the following:

  • Procurement and proper application of service packs
  • Monitoring services and to pinpoint performance problems
  • Increase bandwidth and network speed
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Application of security patches and verification that they were implemented successfully
  • Network migrations